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Claudia D’Ercole, a PhD student from Laboratory of Environmental Sciences (University of Nova Gorica), visited BIOCEV institute in Prague. This was a first research visit from Slovenia within the Instruct-ERIC network since Slovenia became a full member in 2023.

During her two-week visit (from 16th to 31st of October 2023), Claudia utilized resources from two different labs: X-ray diffraction and Structural mass spectrometry facilities. The goal was to characterize a protein complex (Pisum ascorbate peroxidase and its relative Nanobody binder) through several techniques. DLS (dynamic light scattering) and Mass Photometry analysis confirmed the formation of the complex, while nanoDSF was used for the screening of different buffers for Ascorbate peroxidase and Nanobody in order to identify the most suitable buffer for the samples. Intact masses of the proteins were determined by LS-MS/MS. Then, an innovative technique, HDX-MS, was conducted in order to identify the regions of the proteins involved in the interaction between the antigen and the ligand.

One of labs at BIOCEV nanoDSF
Photo credits: Claudia D’Ercole